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Landscaping is an essential service for every home and every outdoor space. Our landscaping company provides professional landscape design Newcastle solutions that are specifically tailored to your outdoors. As seasoned landscaping professionals, we are committed to providing exceptional services at all times, ensuring we meet and exceed your expectations – whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property.

The Scope of Our Landscape Design Newcastle Services

At our landscape design company in Newcastle, we pride ourselves for many reasons:

Professional design services

We have a team of well-trained and licensed landscaping professionals, ensuring we create visually appealing outdoor spaces tailored to our client’s needs and preferences.

Plant selection and installation

Different plant species affect your outdoor spaces differently -aesthetics, aroma, and overall style. We work with proficient gardeners who understand how different plant and flower species fit into your outdoor space. Our landscaping services ensure the plants we select match and complement your outdoor space. And this is achieved through our careful selection of plant species and installation.

Hardscape construction

Our landscaping services are replete with all the various elements that make a classic landscape. We have expertise in hardscape construction – patios, decks, retaining walls, and walkways. We use the highest-quality construction materials to provide a safe and visually appealing hardscape infrastructure.

Irrigation systems

We provide the design and installation of efficient irrigation systems that ensure proper watering without wastage. We conduct regular maintenance and monitoring of the watering equipment to ensure optimal performance and functionality. Our landscape design Newcastle services provide a fountain for your green spaces, ensuring your flowers and plants thrive with sufficient water.

Lawn Care and maintenance

Lawn care is a crucial part of our landscaping design services. We believe that a well-manicured lawn goes hand-in-hand with quality and reliable landscaping services. We provide regular mowing, trimming, and edging services to keep the lawn manicured. In addition, we have fertilisation and weed control programs to maintain a green lawn.              

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting is important for safety, security, and overall ambience. We provide custom and tailor-made lighting solutions with our energy-efficient LED options to illuminate your walkways, architectural features, gardens, and patios.

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Why Landscaping Newcastle?

Here’s why you should choose us for your commercial and residential landscaping services:


We have a detailed approach in how we approach our work, we work with experts, ensuring we tap into professional services at every turn.


We believe in environmental sustainability, ensuring we use environmentally friendly practices such as composting, water conservation, and indigenous plant species.


We work within established timelines. We first identify the scope of the landscaping services through a site visit and estimate project timelines from conception to completion.

Customer service

We are available 24/7, ensuring that customers’ inquiries or queries are answered promptly. Our focus on round-the-clock services ensures we service all clients while providing regular feedback and updates throughout the landscaping process.


We are careful about details – from the plants we select to the lighting installations we design. We are detail-oriented, ensuring we focus on customer satisfaction and quality outcomes.

Are you looking to transform your outdoor space with quality landscaping services? Look no further. Our landscape design experts in Newcastle are masters in landscape design, optimising your outdoor space for the best look.

What’s Next?

Landscape design shouldn’t be a pain in the rear. Our Landscape Design Newcastle solutions are designed to transform your residential or commercial outdoor space for the better. We have a team of trained, licensed, and experienced professionals who will give your landscape a new look.

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Landscape Design Newcastle

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